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Lockers on Campus

    • Library – Visit this website for more information:
    • Retriever Activities Center – Visit this website for more information about using lockers (renting full-size lockers or using half-size lockers for free) at the RAC:
    • » (click on the “Services” tab for more information)
    • Fine Arts Building

Microwaves on Campus

The Commons Building

  • The Yumm Shoppe (convection oven and microwave)
  • Ground Level near community board
  • Commuter Lounge outside OCSS
  • The Women’s Center (convection oven and microwave)
  • The Gameroom
  • By Pollo (Toaster)

Printing on Campus

Mail Services on Campus

Check out the Comm_Store for more information.

Notary Public

This service is also provided at the Comm_Store.

Mail Services is one of the many features you should know about in The University Center. You can learn more from the following video:

Where to Buy Stamps on Campus

Students can purchase stamps at the following locations:

  • The UMBC Bookstore (The Commons) – You cannot purchase individual stamps here. You must purchase an entire book of stamps.
  • The Comm_Store (University Center) – You can buy stamps individually or in books. But you must load CASH to your UMBC Red Card to pay. They are a cashless operation.