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Commuter Assistants

OCSS Commuter Assistants


Van 1 Vangelis Alexandris

Major/Minor: Business Technology Administration

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Fun Fact: I am half Greek and half Filipino

Tip for commuters: Always be willing to open up and be
friendly when meeting another student for the first time.


Thelma 1 Thelma Bush

Major/Minor: Biology major, Theatre minor

Hometown: Baltimore, MD /Providence Island in Columbia

Fun Fact: My favorite TV show is Archer, I hate cheesecake,
and my life goal is to win an Oscar

Tip for commuters: Get here early because parking spots get
taken quickly! Your legs will thank you.



 Abby 1 Abby Hart

Major/Minor: Ancient Studies

Hometown: Westminster, MD

Fun Fact: I drink way too much coffee and I love to travel!
If I’m not in class, I’m probably at Starbucks.

Tip for commuters: Don’t be afraid to talk to people in
your classes.



  Sara Khan

Major/Minor: Health Administration and Policy, Psychology

Hometown: Laurel, MD

Fun Fact: I like to read and write!

Tip for commuters: Don’t be afraid to try new things and
to get involved – you never know what opportunities will
present themselves!



David 1 David Lee

Major/Minor: Statistics

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Fun Fact: I know all of the U.S. presidents in chronological

Tip for commuters: Make an effort to develop some close
relationships.  Whether it’s a friend or a mentor, one familiar
face could be the difference in making UMBC feel like home.



Sydney 1 Sidney Mason

Major/Minor: Biology and Environmental Science

Hometown: Windsor Mill, MD

Fun Fact: I commute to campus on a motor scooter and like
to go thrifting

Tip for commuters: Catch a ride on one of our UMBC transit
lines to get around for free!


 Manny 3 Manny Molla

Major/Minor: Psychology major, History minor

Hometown: Bowie, MD

Fun Fact: I love to play pool and have helped found 2 clubs!

Tip for commuters: Ask the CA’s about the various events
happening, you never know what you’ll love to attend!


Jay 4 Jay Ruiz

Major/Minor: Media and Communications Studies Major,
Theatre Minor

Hometown: Easton, MD

Fun Fact: I’ve done extra’s work for Investigation Discovery

Tip for commuters: Talk to everyone. Engage, be involved with
whatever you can because you’ll never really understand how
much of an impact a single conversation could be.


Billy 1 Billy Vu

Major/Minor: Information Systems and Financial Economics

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

Fun Fact: I love to fish

Tip for commuters: Join clubs on-campus to express your
interests, gain leadership experience, and meet like minded