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Transfer Trek

Get Moving this Spring!

March 22, 2021 12:34 PM
OCSS has partnered with the RAC for an exciting challenge specifically for Transfer students this April! Want a chance to win T-shirts and/or a Fitbit?! Then join us for Transfer Trek starting April 1st-30th.


Track your miles walked for the month of April. This must be designated walks...not just your steps throughout the day. Do not count every step you take for the entire month. You can use any step app (Strava, Fitbit, etc.). Just email on each Friday of the month with a photo of your summary of miles for the week. All photos will be due April 30th at 5:00pm, and we will determine who walked the most miles!

Each week, the student who walks the most miles will get a RAC T-shirt! Whoever walks the most miles for the entire month will win a Fitbit!

In addition to walking, to win the Grand Prize you must tag OCSS on Instagram (umbc_offcampus) in a photo of you doing AT LEAST ONE of the following things below. Remember to hashtag it with #TransferTrek 
    • Picture of you doing a plank (the weirder the place, the better!)

    • Picture of you on one of your walks (if you have a pet with you, make sure to get them in the picture too!)

    • Picture of your #OOTD for exercising!

    • Picture of you staying hydrated with your favorite water bottle!

    • Picture of your favorite pre or post work-out snack!

    • Picture of yourself doing your favorite yoga/stretch position!

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