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Housing Policy/Law

Baltimore County Housing Laws

The state and local government have laws and codes that protect the neighborhood and the tenants from unsafe conditions. All rental units should be licensed with the county as rental units. For more information about that regulation, see this link: »

One of the most commons questions about housing laws in Baltimore is surrounding how many people can rent a single unit. The guidelines below show the general information that tenants need to know when they plan to rent: In Baltimore County: No more than (2) two unrelated persons can live together in a single family dwelling. In Baltimore City: No more than (4) four unrelated persons can live together in a single family dwelling.

For more information on the different housing codes and when they apply, including public nuisance, noise complaints, and more, check out the Baltimore County code enforcement frequently asked questions page at: »
A more user-friendly and detailed pamphlet from Baltimore County on landlord and tenant issues can be found at this link: »

If you would like a quick inspection sheet for a single family dwelling that is intended as a rental unit, use this sheet from Baltimore County: »

Maryland State Law

List of important Laws to know:

  • 8-208: Security Deposits and Surety Bonds
  • 8-203.1: Security deposit receipt
  • 8-204: Right of tenant to possession at beginning of lease
  • 8-205: Requirement
  • 8-208:Automatic Renewal provisions
  • 8-208.1: Retaliatory evictions
  • 8-208.2 Retaliatory actions for informing landlord of lead poisoning hazards
  • 8-211-212: Repair of dangerous defects; rent escrow
  • 8-212.1: Liability of military personnel receiving certain orders
  • 8-213: Applications for leases; deposits
  • 8-401-403: Eviction

Link to look up laws: »