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Transfer Appreciation Week

Monday, September 25th

Diagon Mainstreet
12 – 1 pm | Commons Mainstreet

Start off your wizarding journey by making a wand and learning more about Magical Transportation options. Stop by Platform 9 3/4 at the end for a photo op!

The Sorting Ceremony
5 – 7 pm | University Center 312

Let our Sorting Hat help you discover which house embodies your leadership style.

Tuesday, September 26th

A Guide to Muggle Money
12 – 2 pm | Commons Mainstreet

Are you budget savvy? Learn about UMBC muggle money resources including banking, credit, taxes, and FAFSA. Prove your financial savvy for a chance to win some magical prizes.

Wednesday, September 27th

Great Hall Mixer
5 – 7 pm | Skylight Room

Meet and mingle with professors who relate to your chosen filed of study and learn more about the Honors College – while enjoying a variety of sweet treats from the Wizarding World! RSVP on myUMBC required. Capacity: 100 people

Thursday, September 28th

Leaky Cauldron Trivia
6 – 8 pm | Gameroom

Test your OCSS and Harry Potter knowledge with trivia and try to win our most magical prize of the week!

Friday, September 29th

Quidditch Cup
12 – 3 pm | Erickson Field (co-sponsored by UMBC Recreation)

Get your brooms ready for a friendly Quidditch match between the houses! Sign up via or visit myUMBC. Capacity: 80 players

Harry Potter Big Breakfast and Bingo
7 – 9 pm | SportsZone (co-sponsored by (seb))

Join (seb) and your TSN leaders for a night of breakfast food, bingo, and Harry Potter prizes galore!