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Transfer Student Involvement

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Meet our TSN Leaders

Precious Adetayo-Oguntade

Hello! My name is Precious Adetayo-Oguntade. I am a chemical engineering major. I transferred in fall of 2019 from University of Lynchburg. I like to watch k-dramas, thrift and create content for social media. I also like to experiment with new makeup looks and style while also creating pieces of my own. My career goal is to be a cosmetic engineer and one day open a business targeted towards skincare and beauty for women of color. My number one tip for transfer students is to get out there and see what UMBC has to offer!

Iyin Folarin

Hi Everyone! My name is IyinOluwa Folarin, and I’m a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology & Psychology Major. I’m a Christian, I watch Anime, I read Manga, Manhwa & Manhua. I’m very into working out and holistic wellness, which involves meditating on Scripture, Emotional Intelligence Training and so much more. I plan to use my Biochemistry degree to transition into Business School with the goal of building businesses that help marginalized groups with access to BioPharma products. I also plan to use my Psychology Degree to pursue a Masters in Health Administration to establish protocols to help young men of color, specifically black men with their emotions as well as whatever trauma they may have experienced. My tips for new Transfers is to plan your entire schedule to complete your work 2-3 days before it’s due, so that even if you get tired and fall asleep, you still have 2 days to complete it! Take it one day at a time, and view it all with a positive mindset and you won’t get overwhelmed! And finally; get sleep, lots of it.


Anna Boyer

I am a senior Psychology major at UMBC with a minor in Gender Women Studies. I serve as a Transfer Student Network Leader. I transferred to UMBC from HCC my second year and have been here ever since. My favorite places to study on campus are the Commuter Lounge and University Center. You can find me at the OCSS front desk if you have any questions or need any support!

Tasnim Rushdan

Hi Everyone! My name is Tasnim but you can call me Tas. I am a Transfer Student Network Leader. I am a junior Global Studies major with a minor in Political Science. I transferred from Jacksonville University in 2020. I enjoy traveling, going to the gym, and going on hikes. My career goals are to practice international law and work as a political consultant. My number one tip for transfer students is to attend on campus events and to explore the various orgs that we have here on campus!

Megan Lamptey

Hi my name is Megan and I am a transfer student network leader for Off-Campus Student Services. I am an adult learner, over 25 years old and perusing a BA or BS. I have 3 semesters left and am loving interacting with students on campus. I am a single mom of three amazing kids aged 15, 9, and 6. I have my associates in early childhood development and I am working on my BA in psychology. I am interested in mapping the effects of emotional abuse, trauma, and post traumatic stress disorder PTD on the brain through neuroimaging. I am also interested in art therapy and how it can be coupled with talk therapy to help people of all ages process abuse and trauma. I want to peruse my masters in art therapy and psychology. I like hosting painting events on campus and love seeing the joy art brings into peoples lives. My number one tip for transfer students is to remind yourself that you belong here just as much as any other student. Be confident and start a conversation. Everyone is nervous, everyone is scared, be you and be kind and everything else will fall in place.