Addressing Misconduct Off-Campus

The first and most important step is to immediately contact the local police at 911. Baltimore County authorities should be the first point of contact for all behavioral concerns in the surrounding community around UMBC. For example, do not wait until the next day to call the police or any other official if there is an immediate issue at an off-campus residence. In order to address the issue, the authorities need to know when the behavior is occurring.

Once these officials are contacted, if they confirm that a UMBC student has been involved in an off-campus incident, they will contact UMBC administration. If the situation is deemed to violate the Student Code of Conduct, Student Conduct and Community Standards will begin the judicial process with the off-campus UMBC student.

If the complaint does not meet the threshold for formal action by Student Judicial Programs, or if local residents are looking for helpful strategies in communicating with their neighbors, officials from Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) may be contacted. In these types of cases, OCSS officials may reach out to the off-campus student regarding the following:

  1. Explain the complaint to the off-campus student;
  2. Hear the student’s side of the story;
  3. Describe the consequences of continued disruptive behavior; and
  4. Suggest strategies to avoid future complaints.

Please note that the Student Judicial Process should not be the only avenue for addressing off-campus misconduct. Since students are citizens of the county, laws and county ordinances should also be enforced by police and county authorities.