Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Recognizing and Promoting the Academic Excellence and Involvement of Transfer Students

Tau Sigma offers recognition through membership in a prestigious national honor society specifically for transfer students.

Opportunities to Get Connected

Membership in Tau Sigma provides a common bond among transfer students, opening a door to numerous networking and friendship opportunities.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Tau Sigma membership provides many opportunities for involvement in the local chapter and UMBC. If you meet the membership criteria and are ready to get involved, you should take these steps to become a member:

  1. Contact the chapter President to ensure you receive the latest emails about meetings and events: Kerstyn Myers at kmyers7@umbc.edu
  2. Attend meetings to learn more about upcoming events and membership requirements
  3. Start having fun with Tau Sigma by attending events! Past events have included Game Nights, Bake Sales, and more!

Opportunities to Gain Leadership Experience

Membership in Tau Sigma offers valuable opportunities to serve in leadership positions within the local chapter.

The membership criteria are:

  1. Must transfer to the university with at least one full year’s worth of academic credits (30 credits)
  2. Must obtain a 3.5 GPA during the first semester at UMBC
  3. Must attend meetings and 2 events per semester before Induction. Induction ceremonies take place at the end of April.
  4. Toward the end of each semester, if you have completed the requirements, you will be invited to fill out a membership form, pay your one time fee to Tau Sigma Headquarters, and be inducted into the honor society!


Tau Sigma National Honor Society
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